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ABB Distributor In Singapore Since 1990s 
Established in 1973, Lian Kok is one of the pioneer electric companies in Singapore. It is also an authorized dealer and distributor of ABB in Singapore.  At present, its business customers are mainly from Southeast Asia, primarily Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Lian Kok, specializes in low voltages products such as electrical installation products, electrical wiring accessories, switchgear and controlgear equipment. It also provides a wide range of electrical products like light fitting accessories, exit lights, electrical cables, metal trunking and uPVC trunking.

Lian Kok has always been a customer driven company. It helps its customers to reduce operating costs, provide flexibility and easy operation. In recent years, Lian Kok has improved the existing products such as integrated control and motion detectors for hotel rooms that are cost effective. These systems are another success in Lian Kok’s history.
Lian Kok will do its best to fulfill its commitments to all customers and this has made Lian Kok a successful company in the industry and will ensure the company’s success in the future.

Lian Kok Electric Company is bringing our products to you and available 24/7 all year round!
Our official launch of Self Serve DIY Home Essentials Store is now in your neighbourhood! 
We have extension socket outlets, adaptors, light bulbs, 3M hooks, batteries and even travel accessories available in the machine. 
Go visit our first ever machine at Tiong Bahru Plaza, outside #01-162, near the taxi stand! We will continue to provide our best quality to you.

Look out for more machines at other parts of Singapore soon!


We are given the Achiever Award by ABB in the recent Channel Partner Appreciation Night 2017! 
We will like to express our most sincere thanks to all our customers who have supported us through the years. This award is the result of our hardwork and dedication towards all our customers. We will continue to keep up our support and service to all of you.
And thank you to ABB for recognising our efforts in building a long term relationship with you!
We are featured in ABB CONNECT, the customer magazine of ABB in Singapore! 

We are proud to be partners with ABB for more than 30 years. Nothing is more satisfying than having a partner who will walk a long distance with you side by side towards a common destination!




  Thank you for all the support from all our loyal customers throughout all these years. We will continue to give you our best support and service. Looking forward to many more years of partnerships ahead of us! 


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ABB MCBs protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations.


ABB System pro M compact S200 series are current limiting overcurrent protective devices. They have two different tripping mechanisms, the delayed thermal tripping mechanism for overload protection and the magnetic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection. They are available in different characteristics (B,C,D,K,Z), configurations (1P,1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N,4P), breaking capacities (up to 25 kA) and rated currents (up to 63A). Depending on the product range, New System pro M compact S200 series comply with 

IEC/EN 60898-1

IEC/EN 60947-2

UL 1077

UL 489 

CSA 22.2 No. 235

CSA 22.2 No. 5 


allowing the use for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 


Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)


For domestic/residential installations in defined markets up to 6 kA breaking capacity 3 / 4,5 / 6 kA 

Compact Home SH 200 T, SH 200 L, SH 200


For domestic or small commercial installations up to 10 kA breaking capacity 

pro M compact S200, S200S, S200 M


For industrial installations up to 25 kA breaking capacity 

pro M compact S200, S200M, S200P, S200U, S200UP, S200UDC 

S280UC, S290


For commercial and industrial applications with high breaking capacities and special features / accessories

S200P, S220, S290

S500, S800


Special selective MCB (SMCB) with dedicated upstream and downstream selectivity are available in the range 



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